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The Magic of Salt Chlorine Generators
July 3, 2023 at 11:32 PM
by JPS Pool Services

Swimming pools are synonymous with leisure, relaxation, fitness, and summertime fun. However, every pool owner knows that maintaining these idyllic spots of aquatic recreation is not without its challenges — major among these being pool sanitization. Fortunately, technological strides have given birth to a nifty device known as a salt chlorine generator, transforming the world of pool maintenance remarkably.

Understanding Salt Chlorine Generators

In principle, salt chlorine generators may sound a touch Orwellian, yet their function is relatively straightforward. They apply the process of electrolysis to the salt present in pool water, converting it into chlorine. This eradicates the need for manual pool sanitization using traditional chlorine tablets or liquid, thereby providing a consistent level of chlorine and minimizing the volatility of chlorine levels in pool water.

The device comprises two key components - a salt cell and a control box. Salt dissolved in the pool water passes through the salt cell and, under electrical current, induces a chemical reaction that produces chlorine, which is then promptly dissolved into the water.

A Fresh Approach to Pool Sanitization

Salt chlorine generators introduce several undeniable benefits. Firstly, the device offers cost-efficiency in the long run. While the upfront cost might be higher than traditional chlorination methods, the fact that it uses a basic salt supply (which costs less than chlorine) offsets the initial expense over time.

Demystifying Saltwater Pools

Given that salt chlorine generators introduce salt into pool water, it's logical to assume such pools are akin to swimming in seawater. This is, however, a fallacy. A saltwater pool contains but a tenth of the salinity of seawater, barely noticeable to swimmers, and certainly far less likely to cause bodily discomfort or harm pool equipment.

Health and Comfort

Salt chlorine generators ensure a constant and precise level of sanitation. This means the typical "chlorine smell", eye irritation, and dry skin associated with manually chlorinated pools become a thing of the past. The resulting water is softer and less harsh, making swimming not only enjoyable but also healthier.

Environmental Impact

The environmentally friendly aspect of salt chlorine generators cannot be overlooked. They eliminate the need for frequent transportation, packaging, and manufacture of chlorine products, thus reducing the carbon footprint associated with pool sanitation.

Drawbacks and Misconceptions

Like any technology, salt chlorine generators have their faults. They carry a higher upfront cost compared to traditional chlorination methods and require a certain level of maintenance, including occasional salt cell cleaning and monitoring of the salt levels. Furthermore, they do not exempt pool owners from testing and balancing the pool water regularly; rather, they provide an efficient and consistent way to sanitize the water.


Salt chlorine generators are a significant advancement in the evolution of pool maintenance. They offer convenience, consistent water quality, reduced environmental impact, and an overall better experience for swimmers. While the decision to switch from traditional chlorine methods may not be straightforward, understanding how salt chlorine generators operate and the benefits they provide is an essential step towards making an informed decision about pool sanitation methods. So, dive in and revolutionize your pool maintenance routine!

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